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Schwarzkopf | Fibre Clinix Tri-Bond Ultra Repair Shampoo (1L)

Schwarzkopf | Fibre Clinix Tri-Bond Ultra Repair Shampoo (1L)

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Schwarzkopf Professional's Triple Bonding and C21 technology targets inner and outer damage to the hair fiber. It restores and connects the inner bonds in order to strengthen the inside structure of the hair. In addition, the technology works on the surface of the hair, hydrating deeply. The Fiber Clinix range makes the hair up to 10 times stronger and the porosity of the hair is sealed.

Fiber Clinix shampoo provides gentle cleansing for damaged hair. It balances the ph and strengthens the hair so that it is more resistant to breakage.

- Gentle shampoo
- Equalizes pH
- Hydrate
- Repair
- Helps strengthen hair

- Apply to wet hair
- Lather
- Rinse thoroughly
- Follow the Fiber Clinix mask for best results

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