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Paul Mitchell | Foaming Pommade (150ml)

Paul Mitchell | Foaming Pommade (150ml)

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Paul Mitchell

Enhance wavy and curly hair and fight frizz with this best-selling styling lotion. It smoothes, softens and conditions textured hair while providing light hold and shine.

Wash with Shampoo One® (for a gentle cleanse) or Shampoo Two® (for a deeper cleanse). Follow with Instant Moisture® Conditioner (for added hydration) or Super Strong® Conditioner (to strengthen strands). Shake well before use. Start with damp hands; add a coin-sized amount and rub hands together to work into a foam. Use on damp hair before blow-drying or air-drying, and again on dry hair to finish the style. Remember, a little goes a long way! Add more as needed.

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