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L’ANZA | Healing Style Mega Gel (200ml)

L’ANZA | Healing Style Mega Gel (200ml)

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L'ANZA Haircare


L'ANZA Healing Style Mega Gel is a versatile formula for strong hold & sculpted, but flexible style.


  • Open the possibilities of hair design with the L'ANZA Healing Style Mega Gel.
  • Designed to suit a wide variety of needs, L'ANZA Mega Gel provides a strong and flexible hold that can be used in a number of different ways.
  • Use this gel with a blow dryer to bring out waves or by itself to sculpt the shape of your choosing.
  • The alcohol-free formula helps prevent dehydration, and won't crack or flake.
  • Hair gets to stand out without sacrificing health.


Apply to damp or dry hair & style as desired.

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