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It's a 10 Haircare | Miracle Moisture Shampoo (300ml)

It's a 10 Haircare | Miracle Moisture Shampoo (300ml)

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It's a 10 Haircare


Our Miracle Moisture Shampoo takes the guesswork out of finding the perfect hair care regime, even for the most delicate of hair! Our formula is effective and intensely moisturizing and cleanses without damage. From the very first wash, your hair will be smoother, healthier, and full of bounce and body. Everyone deserves healthy, naturally shiny hair and our Miracle Moisture Shampoo will help you get there!


1) Hydrates hair

2) Lightweight for everyday use

3) Cuticle smoothing

4) Moisturizing Lather

5) Creamy texture

6) Enhances natural body

7) Increases shine

8) Improves elasticity and strength

9) Nourishes hair

10) Helps prevent breakage

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