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Biotop | 911 Quinoa Serum (30ml)

Biotop | 911 Quinoa Serum (30ml)

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Biotop Professional

An intensely restorative serum for any hair that instantly repairs, reinforces and revitalizes hair fibers. This serum goes above and beyond by providing heat protection and reducing the appearance of split ends. Contains vitamin E to protect against free radical damage and boost the appearance of healthylooking hair.

- Engineered to deliver 100% of the active ingredients' benefits
- Instantly repairs and revitalizes hair fibers, provides heat protection and reduces the appearance of split ends
- Moisturizes, conditions and nourishes hair from within
- Delivers 100% of the active ingredients benefit
- Prevents hair from being damaged

- Dispense two pumps of BIOTOP PROFESSIONAL 911 Quinoa Serum into hands and warm between palms.
- Apply to toweldried hair, distributing from midsection to the tips.
- Gently comb through hair to ensure even coverage
- Hair is ready for airdrying or heatstyling.

- Fine to medium hair Damaged coloured Hair extensions Vitamin deficiency Lifeless

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