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Biotop | 69 Pro Active Curly Hair Mask (350ml)

Biotop | 69 Pro Active Curly Hair Mask (350ml)

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Biotop Professional

A luxuriously rich, deep conditioning, moisture mask that transforms dry, unruly curls into soft, healthy and easy to style curls. Active ingredients within the mask promote moisture, vibrant gloss and softness.

- Designed to be used on all curl types–from loose waves to tight coils
- Fights frizz
- Prevents hair from being damaged
- Engineered to deliver 100% of the active ingredients' benefits

- Dispense a drop of BIOTOP PROFESSIONAL 69 Pro Active Mask into hands.
- Evenly distribute throughout hair from the midsection to the tips.
- Massage product gently into hair.
- Leave in for 23 minutes and rinse.

- Naturally curly (any type of curls) Dry Unruly coloured Frizzy

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