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Biotop | 19 Pro Silver Hair Mask (550ml)

Biotop | 19 Pro Silver Hair Mask (550ml)

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Biotop Professional

A postbleach treatment that is an active, moisturizing mask. The mask’s unique formula eliminates yellow and brassy tones, and refreshes silver and white hues. All, while restoring moisture in the hair.

- Removes brassy tones and restores radiant whites where they belong
- Never Tested on animals
- Free of parabens, sodium chloride, and SLS/SLES
- Engineered to deliver 100% of the active ingredients' benefits.

- After washing with 19 Pro Silver Shampoo, apply a dollop of BIOTOP - PROFESSIONAL 19 Pro Silver Hair Mask to damp hair, distributing evenly from midsection to tips.
- Massage gently into hair and leave in for 3 5 minutes (for damaged or thick hair or after chemical treatments, leave in 710 minutes). Rinse.

- Blonde Yellow and brassy tones Dull

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