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Biotop | 05 Silicon Milk Hair Cream (500ml)

Biotop | 05 Silicon Milk Hair Cream (500ml)

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Biotop Professional

This cream provides deep nourishment and a fabulous sheen without weighing the hair down. Especially effective on dry and damaged hair after color treatments. Restores the hair’s natural shine with nourishing ingredients such as Olive Oil, Silicon, Glycerin and Vitamin E.

- Moisturized hair damaged by color treatments
- Vitamin and nutrient-rich
- Free of parabens, sodium chloride, and SLS/SLES
- Never tested on animals
- Engineered to deliver 100% of the active ingredients' benefits

How to use
- Apply the desired amount of BIOTOP PROFESSIONAL 05 SILICON MILK HAIR CREAM to towel-dried or dry hair, from mid-section to tips.
- Style and allow hair to dry naturally.

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